Volunteer Effectiveness

The most effective volunteers pray for God‘s blessing and smile as people walk by the kiosk. We train volunteers ho aggressively hand out flyers as people walk by. These flyers are designed to be colorful and attractive. For the young adults and teens we hand out meant4more cards; for the older foils we hand out Billy Graham magazines. We also use Church event flyers such as Kids Cub, or Easter musicals, etc. As the passer-by takes me free hand out, we ask them if they attend Church, or if they would fill in our spiritual survey, or if they would join our free raffle. We are simply trying to initiate a Godly conversation. 

If the person stops to talk, we train the volunteer to draw the person to the Evangelism Explosion Booklet on the four Spiritual Laws (in plain English). Volunteers must be encouraged to be positive, even when their message may be rejected. Most people in the mall will not stop to speak with a volunteer. About one in a hundred people will talk with us. About one in five people will take a free flyer as they walk by. But, since there is so much pedestrian traffic in the mall, we still speak with about two thousand people in a month.

Mall Handouts

The handouts that we employ are numerous and varied. The meant4more CARD is designed for teens. As a teen walk by we say: “Would you like to check out a cool website about Jesus" (as we extend our hand with the colorful card). The card points to a website that includes Christian videos, chat rooms, etc.They have over two million visitors per month with ten percent accepting Jesus as their Savior. The Decision MAGAZINE is for more mature adults, who will have heard of Billy Graham. As people walk by we say: “Would you like to have a free Billy Graham magazine”. It includes articles about salvation, Jesus, etc.

For people who express a serious interest in Jesus we present the Evangelism Explosion BOOKLET on the four Spiritual Laws (in plain English).

We also give away New Testaments to people who indicate a willingness to read it. We have maps available for directions to our local Churches. The Spiritual survey FORM is a great instrument to trigger a conversation with an un-churched person. Almost everyone answers that they “hope to go to heaven"; then a volunteer can ask if they would like to know for sure.

Staffing a Mall

A God Talk kiosk is on commercial, private property. As a result it must be open and staffed during the malls regular operating times. This is approximately 11 hours a day, and seven days a week. After three hours of staffing a kiosk, we find that most volunteers are tired and less effective. Hence we ask volunteers to sign up for a three hour time slot. We also recommend that there always be at least two volunteers present at the kiosk, with a maximum of four volunteers. If you do the math during one week in the mall, we need 56 volunteer time slots filled. So if a Church commits to staffing the kiosk for one week, they will need at least twenty five individual volunteers (preferably as many as fifty).


Approaching Mall Management

We set up a meeting with the rental manager, and explain that we represent a couple of Churches in me area. We tell the manager that we want to rent a cart or kiosk to promote our Churches in the mall. We will hand out Church fives and politely invite people to visit our  church. Right now malls are really desperate for tenants. But a God Talk cart or kiosk is not much revenue for the mall manager. The typical rents are $2000 per month. You will also need liability insurance for about $100 per month. Most businesses rent for one year, so your request for one month is unusual. However you should explain to the manager that you will bring in over two hundred volunteers who will buy food, go shopping, etc. In addition if the manager is interested, tell him/her that the message we give to teens is about values and honesty. This message should help reduce theft and drugs in the mall, which are the manager‘s two biggest nightmares. Most managers are willing to allow us into the mall on a ‘trial' basis. Always be professional and polite during these discussions.


The rental of a cart or kiosk can run anywhere from $1500 to $3000 per month, depending on the mall and the season. For example Christmas is the busiest season and the mall will not rent to us because they also expect to get a percentage of the renter‘s revenue, but we have zero. August is a great time for us to be in the mall, because it is back to school shopping, and the teens are bored and loitering around the mall before school restarts. We also go into the mall for the month before Easter because even un-churched people are thinking about spiritual topics. Other expenses include money for free handouts. The New Testaments cost us twenty cents each. The Billy Graham organization gives us their old magazines for free, but shipping does cost about twenty five cents per copy. The EE four spiritual laws booklet costs about ten cents. finally we also do a daily raffle for a twenty five dollar gift certificate. This is aimed at encouraging the teens to stop and chat with us. We have partnered with C28, a Christian clothing store for the gift cards. You could also use gift cards from a local store.

Recruiting Churches

Generally it has been difficult to recruit new Churches into this witnessing ministry. Most Pastors are very busy already, and most Churches have too many programs operating already. However; we believe, most Churches do not do enough evangelism outside of their walls. So to recruit a new Church, you must be bold and aggressive. It's best to approach the Senior Pastor because he can make the actual commitment for the Church. If he is not interested, please don‘t become disillusioned; just move on to another Church.

Our experience is that if we approach five new Churches, than typically one will be interested to join us. Whenever possible, ask a Senior Pastor from a Church that is working with you to initially approach a new Senior Pastor. Very often, Senior Pastors have a network of Churches that they work with, or meet with frequently. Another approach to recruiting a new Church is through a lay person (or couple) who has a passion for evangelism. He/she can approach their Senior Pastor and offer to facilitate this new ministry.

Recruiting Volunteers

The best way to recruit new volunteers is via the Senior Pastor: He should introduce the ministry opportunity with his strong enthusiasm from the pulpit. Make it as easy as possible for people to sign up as volunteers. We distribute a form with the Sunday bulletin and ask people to turn the form into an usher with their name and phone number. We then call them to schedule training and volunteer time slots. The main impediment in the minds of potential volunteers is fear of failure. People worry that they will not be able to be a Biblical expert. Assure them that as a volunteer the main necessary talent is to be friendly. In the mall it‘s unlikely, but if someone has a tough question, the volunteer can offer to have someone call that person with possible answers. Over half of our volunteers have no witnessing experience, so we offer training. After one time slot in the mall, these new volunteers become confident, and go on to be strong in witnessing in their personal lives. Praise God!