Reaching People

Fishers of Men in the Mall

As people of God we must reach out to those who are not yet saved. We can not just stay within the walls of our Church! We must go to where the un-churched people spend their time. In today's modern world the shopping mail has become the center of activity, with its stores, movie theaters, and food courts. We therefore propose that every mall should include a place to present God to the masses of people. A God Talk kiosk in the middle of the walking traffic is a perfect opportunity to speak with people about Jesus, the Bible, and your Church.

Getting Real With Evangelism

Invite Your Whole Church to the Mall

How often do you speak with an un-churched person about Jesus? We suggest that if you are not witnessing on a daily basis, then you need to ‘get real'. Jesus commanded in Matthew that, as we go, we should be His witnesses. Let's be ready to lovingly share our faith with those we encounter at work, in a restaurant, or in the grocery store. Let's daily pray that God will open doors for us to be His witnesses.